Stefan Rosqvist Biography

Stefan Rosqvist  Name: Stefan Rosqvist 

Instrument: Guitar

Date of birth: September 20

Musical background:
I started to play the guitar at the age of 13, a class mate had a guitar with 3 strings and I was blown away by the loud noise I made. I still have the same feeling! Bands/musicians I played with: Cloudscape, Dawn Of Oblivion, Pelle Lindberg Band, Lalle Larsson’s WeaveWorld, Stefan Rosqvist Band.

Hobbies (non music related):
Long walks with my wife and our dogs. I play floor ball and I’m a huge NHL fan!

Favourite books:
Band of brothers, My Life with The Chord Chemist A Memoir of Ted Greene, Apotheosis of Solo Guitar By Barbara Franklin, Bird lives

Favourite animal:
Weimaraner (dogs)

Favourite colour(s):
Black and blue in every kind!

Favourite drinks:
Zoegas Forza, Guiness and Laphroaig

Favourite movies:
Life of Brian, Omen, Bottom, Where eagles dare, Blackadder, The league of gentlemen, Band of brothers

Favourite food:
Almost any kind of meat and i love pancakes!

5 all time favourite albums:
Gary Moore – Corridors of power, MSG – Assault attack, Alcatrazz – No parole from rock’n roll, Kings X – Gretchen goes to Nebraska, Pat Metheny Group – Imaginary day

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