Anders Johansson Biography

Anders Johansson Name: Anders Johansson

Instrument: Drums and cymbals

Date of birth: May 25

Musical background:
Was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, May 25, 1962 but grew up in Stockholm. I started to play piano at eight, but switched to drums at age 14. Lived in Malmö by then. Went through electronics engineering school 1979-82. Played with my brother Jens Johansson in ”Slem” together with Erik Borelius. I also played with Silver Mountain.

Recorded a couple of albums with them. Did a mandatory year in the Swedish Navy 1982-83 as s signal survayor.

Moved to USA in 1984 to play with Yngwie Malmsteen.
After five albums and world tours with Yngwie, I moved on in 1989 to work as a studio and touring musician.

Since then, I have recorded and toured with an array of bands and artists as well as recorded albums under my own name and together with Jens.

I am also is involved running the record label Heptagon Records that mainly releases reissue recordings of my late
father Jan Johansson, who was a prolific musician in the sixties and who is still an everyday name in Sweden.

Here is an un-official discography where a lot of the session work is listed:
Anders Johansson on Wikipedia

Hobbies (non music related):
Hanging out in dojos and gyms.

Punching and kicking things. Hockey,
science-programs on TV

Favourite colour(s):
Deep Purple

Favourite food:
Indian & Mexican

Favourite drinks:
Coffee, Danish mid strong beers, red Australian wines

Favourite movies:
Godfather trilogy

Favourite books:
Biographys. Science fictions

Favourite animal:

5 all time favourite albums:
Deep purple – made in Japan
UK – Danger money
Frank Zappa – In New york
Brecker Brothers – Heavy Metal bepop
Meshuggah – destroy erase improve


Link to Wikipedia; Anders Johansson


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